The augmented N-scale

This is a somewhat revised version of a March 1999 article I wrote to suggest improvements to the N-scale, which measures the degree of one’s enthusiasm for naturism. The original article is here.

In the previous post here we considered the N-Scale, a tool for rating yourself and others on fondness for nudity. It’s a good start, but if you’re reading this, the chances are that you fall at the high end of the original scale. According to that scale, everyone’s bunched up together from a score of 5 to 7 (the highest).

It’s sort of hard to measure your “progress” when the range of scores is that narrow. In order to remedy that, I’ve come up with an augmented scale that renumbers the high end of the scale to include a few more milestones on the road to perfect nudity. The descriptions of higher levels have been reworded from the original. There’s no claim this is a definitive list. Every naturist is a little different from any other one. There can be differences at every level, and the steps towards more complete naturism may be taken in a slightly different order.

I’ll just start with Level 5. The descriptions of earlier levels still apply.

5. Uses home spa, sauna, and/or pool naked occasionally with family and friends. Would go naked outdoors in very remote beaches, hot springs, forest areas if encouraged, but may not have actually had occasion to do so recently. Occasionally naked at home for no particular reason. May not be comfortable being naked with strangers of the opposite sex.

6. Is reasonably comfortable with being naked around strangers in a friendly environment like a naturist club or camp or an established nude beach, but may not visit such places frequently. Prefers to be naked in private spa, sauna, or pool with family (and possibly friends). Deliberately naked at home sometimes when relaxing. May be naked outdoors in remote locations one or more times a year. May have revealed an interest in naturism to relatives outside of immediate family and to some friends.

7. Uses established beaches, hot springs, camping areas, and other outdoor locations naked at least several times a year. Doesn’t mind being naked with tolerant strangers in most situations. Deliberately naked at home often, though not necessarily whenever possible. Has visited naturist camps, clubs, or resorts one or more times, if convenient. Has started recommending that family and friends also consider trying naturism.

8. Prefers to be naked at home when circumstances permit. Encourages other family members to do likewise. Hardly ever uncomfortable being naked around tolerant strangers. Visits established outdoor nude locations regularly, if available. Tries to persuade family and friends to join self in naturist activities – and has probably been successful with some. Occasionally checks some naturist blogs or Facebook naturist groups. Has started to investigate naturist opportunities in other countries.

9. Doesn’t always insist on being naked, but strongly prefers it. “Nude when possible, clothed when practical.” May subscribe to at least one naturist publication. Prefers to stay mainly at naturist-friendly locations when traveling or on vacation – perhaps in other countries. Belongs to several online naturist sites or social networks, Facebook groups, etc. May have own blog, Instagram page, or Twitter account with naturist tweets. Has seriously considered starting a local naturist travel group.

10. Goes out of the way to be naked. Insists on being described as naked rather than nude. Doesn’t mind at all being naked with others who are fully clothed. Sometimes pushes the limits a little in being naked around people. Tends to bring up the subjects of naturism and nudity with friends, associates, or even strangers at any opportunity. May be a leader or officer of a local naturist group. Has this recurring feeling that it’s just not possible to be naked enough. Inclined to write about the wonders and joys of nakedness in blog posts, online naturist groups, comment sections of online news and opinion sites.

The N-scale

Here’s another old post, from February 1999, which is mostly from an ever older source. Almost no changes required. (The original post is here.)

Do you love to be naked? Of course you do. So does anyone in their right mind. But just how much do you love it? There’s a way to measure that, sort of. It’s called the “N Scale”, and it was devised by naturist Dick Williams several years ago. Here’s the original article, used by permission. (I’ll be offering some refinements and extensions.)

How Nude are You?

Nothing today is true black or white–there are shades of gray in nearly all of humankind’s activity. So why not a Nude Scale describing a person’s placement on the Prude to Nude continuum.

1. Obsessive Anti-Nude: Regards all nudity as sinful. Often bases belief on fanatical and narrow interpretation of scripture. No tolerance level for other views–actively seeks to impose beliefs on society as a whole via legislation, commercial boycott, candidate intimidation. In practice–opposed to all forms of nudity: in the home, in recreation, in art and live, or film performances. Might belong to AFA. Doesn’t own a bathing suit because that gets too close to nudity.

2. Live and Let Live Anti-Nude: Against it but not obsessively so. Still can’t understand anyone wishing to “parade around naked as a jay bird.” Unfcomfortable around nudity in any form. Might accept some artistic nudity.

3. Not For Me But I Can Understand: Tolerant of artistic nudity. Might recall childhood skinny dipping. Can laugh at nudity of others. Non-judgmental.

4. Nude Curious: Tolerant and accepting, reluctant to practice but might wish to try in right situation. Understanding of social nudity in others. Comfortable with casual nudity in the home. Reads rec.nude but would never post.

5. When The Time Is Right Nude: Tolerant of nudity practiced by others. Casual nudity in the home is common. In proper setting, practices discrete social nudity as in a hot tub with friends. Comfort level depends on surroundings and “safety” of setting. Sunbathes nude in private backyard or pool area. Learns to enjoy the freedom and feel of sun and water on whole body. Growing curiosity about CO beaches and clubs.

6. Wholesomely Nude: Entirely comfortable with private and social nudity. Looks forward to monthly or weekly nude recreation when appropriate. May belong to a local group and support a national organization. Some non-nude friends may know of this person’s nude recreation. Self confident and enjoys social contacts in nude setting. May encourage others to try a naturist experience at beach, lake or river.

7. Nude To The Core: Nudity is a central part of life. Feels best when dressed the least. Unclothed much of non-working time. Lifestyle is well known among non-nude friends and relatives. Housing, work and recreation decisions may be made around a desire to be without clothing as much as possible. Enjoys sharing and explaining the nude lifestyle to others. May be an activist or spokesman on nudity. Vacations nearly always include nude recreation. Doesn’t own a bathing suit. No need to–no tan lines.

That covers the 7 steps from prude to nude.

There is also probably an 8th step where nudity becomes an obsession and dominates–where every clothed moment is a painful annoyance–where every though and action revolves around nudity. Where every beach, lake, or river is surveyed for possible nude use. But that couldn’t apply to anyone here, nah. So 7 levels will be enough.