Newsworthy nudity, 2021-1

Obviously, there’s been a long gap since the last “Recent articles on nudity and naturism” here, which was for January 1-15, 2021. Two reasons: the relevant newsflow does seem to have slowed down, but even so, time constraints have made it difficult to keep posting new articles on this theme twice a month. So I’ll try a different approach.

Many interesting articles have been noted since January 2021. So the best of those will be included in the new series, as well as anything suitable that comes out in the future. But there won’t be any fixed posting schedule. It will just happen as time permits, and selected items won’t necessarily appear in chronological order. Also, there will usually be less commentary on individual articles than in the past. These changes may allow new posts to appear as often as before.

The kind of articles that won’t be included are such things as clickbait stories about “celebrities” who enjoy being naked, (supposedly) “shocking” instances when non-naturists unexpectedly encountered legal naturist activities, and stories (often from the risible British tabloid press) about common and routine (in England) naturist activities.

So let’s get started.

  1. For the love of art: Posing nude as a source of empowerment (1/26/21)

    The author writes well about how he became more self-confident by posing nude as an artist’s model. “Being comfortable in my own skin was not something that transpired overnight; I had to make a conscious effort to become more comfortable with my body.” Life modeling doesn’t require either men or women to have a conventionally “attractive” body, so developing a body-positive attitude is essential. That’s also required to fully enjoy naturism.

  2. How I Found the Courage to Skinny Dip with Two Friends…and a Stranger (9/7/21)

    Here’s an account from Yael (pronounced yi-ELL, long i in “yi”) on her first skinny dip with friends. In her own words: “It was about being vulnerable and real with one another. Could we spend time naked together, just lounging around? That was the challenge.” Summary: “[T]he entire experience had opened my heart and soul in ways that made me feel something I still can’t quite describe.” Naturists, just like art models, have to accept some amount of vulnerability without the “armor” of clothing. It’s a matter of confronting psychological risks rather than physical ones.

  3. Exploring My Artistic Curiosity of the Female Body (1/28/21)

    Here’s another from Yael, where she writes, “Once I strip down and set up my camera, I feel like something comes alive inside me. I cannot wait to see the images that come out, even though at least half of them make me cringe.” So this too is about body positivity, which she must strengthen, as she admits to being passionate about “getting naked for the camera.” It seems that passion and body positivity reinforce each other. But the passion isn’t exhibitionist or egotist (as many suspect of naturists). Yael says it’s “so much more complicated”. There are many other good points in this essay.

    Yael writes more about nude self-photography here: Why You Should Take Photographs of Yourself…Naked and here: I’m Getting Naked for My Art.

  4. Skinny-dipping With My Girlfriends (7/13/21)

    Elle Beau isn’t a naturist, or at least wasn’t when she wrote the article. It’s a feminist perspective on experiencing social nudity with others (only women) for the first time. She writes: “[I]t was an experience I’ll never forget. It was so memorable that I think it’s something that every woman should get to experience at least once in her life.” Naturists would certainly agree – and go much farther. But Elle continues, saying that she and her female friends “felt very in touch with our most natural selves, very female, and very, very powerful.” Apart from the pleasurable sensations, the experience was a break with irrational cultural norms that Elle attributed to male dominance. Unfortunately, these norms are supported by most women as well. Other women who have naturist experiences could be emboldened, just like Elle, to challenge irrational norms. That could be true for men as well.

  5. Baring All the Facts About Retiring to a Nudist Community (11/26/21) is a website mainly concerned with investing issues. But surprisingly, they had this article on living in a naturist community after retirement. It’s good though, having been written by Erich Schuttauf, who’s currently Executive Director of AANR. Besides advocating the idea, the article cites a number of supporting reasons. Some people who choose retirement in a naturist community aren’t even long-time naturists. Another article on this topic was discussed here.

  6. Don’t Be a Prude: The Benefits of Public Nudity (8/24/21)

    Nicole Schmidt, a Canadian, moved to Germany “hoping to experience a different way of life”. The article demonstrates she was successful. Although the title refers to “benefits of public nudity”, it’s less about benefits specifically, and more about healthy, nonsexual conceptions of naked bodies. Seeing naked Germans in Berlin’s largest park initially took Nicole aback. But before long she began enjoying naked swimming and preferred to be topless on the dance floor. She correctly explains the problem as the North American presumption that nudity is sexual, while in Germany nudity is accepted as normal – regardless of body type – in suitable places like public parks, beaches, and spas. She concludes, “everybody has a body worthy of being naked.”

  7. Spending Time Naked With Strangers Can Improve Body Image (2/3/21)

    This is a slightly newer article about recent scientific research by Keon West on the benefits of simply being nonsexually naked with strangers. If you haven’t read about this before, there’s a more complete summary here.

  8. Finding Acceptance—and Self-Love—in a Naturist Community (2/12/21)

    Here’s how an insecure young woman from East Oakland found self-acceptance at an 87-year-old naturist resort in the Santa Cruz mountains. Erikka had gone through a great deal: financial hard times, run-ins with the law, and failed relationships. Four years ago she reconnected with her first love (from age 15) and married him 2 years later. She and her new spouse both love camping and spending time in nature. They discovered Lupin Lodge and were welcomed “with open arms”. Erikka had some experience skinny-dipping. But “once I found a place where I could walk around naked without having the police called on me, I was down!” Now she and her spouse visit Lupin weekly during the season. Naturists she’s met there are “like meeting a family you didn’t know for the first time.”

  9. 11 Reasons Why You Should Try A Nude Vacation This Summer (6/12/21)

    As most reading this know, “Naturism … is all about enjoying life without the encumbrance of clothes.” However, too many limit their enjoyment of nudity mostly to their homes. That’s unfortunate, since “no matter how many times you have enjoyed nude recreation, the exhilaration and sense of freedom that comes with stepping out of your clothes never seem to diminish.” Of the 11 reasons for taking a nude vacation, 3 seem especially important. (1) Gain body confidence, since you can meet naturists having diverse body types. (2) Make real friends for life. Having something as special as naturism in common with others leads to stronger bonds. (3) It just feels so darn good. Vacations can involve considerable travel, so there should be a significant payoff.

  10. Florida Beaches Guide – Playalinda Beach (6/10/21)

    As a vacation destination, Florida has a lot more to offer besides Disney World and the Kennedy Space Center. And almost everyone loves good beaches, especially in a warm climate most of the year. Naturists, of course, will particularly like Florida’s 4 clothing-optional beaches, which are all on the state’s east coast. Playalinda Beach (“Playa Linda” is Spanish for Beautiful Beach”) on the central coast isn’t as well-known and popular as Haulover Beach near Miami. But it’s a lot closer to the Space Center and the tourist attractions in the Orlando area. It’s also a good choice if you prefer a more secluded location, which might appeal to novice naturists. Just be sure, based on my personal experience, to bring lots of mosquito repellant.

Bonus from earlier: This Is What It’s Like To Live Most Of Your Life Naked (5/2/16)

Many – perhaps most – naturists/nudists are only occasionally able to enjoy clothesfree experiences like naturist resorts, clothing-optional beaches, or small social events with other naturists. But nudity is addictive. The sensations of warm sunlight or gentle air flowing past bare skin are too pleasant to be so seldom available. This article is by a non-naturist who nevertheless appreciates what it is that naturists enjoy about nudity. The appeal of living naked as much as possible is available to anyone who can overcome the irrational stigmas that nearly all conventional societies attach to simple nudity.

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