The strange feeling of daily life without wearing any clothes

Here are some thoughts for open-minded people in the Northern hemisphere at the beginning of summer with its (much) warmer weather – the best time of the year to go naked.

It’s likely that when you were very young – 2 or 3 years old, maybe – your parents occasionally allowed you to play around the house or in the backyard with nothing on. Or after a bath you might have been allowed to stay naked until bedtime. You almost certainly enjoyed the experience at the time. The chances are, however, that you have no clear memory of that – unless your parents thought it was cute and took pictures or videos.

If you’re not already into naturism, you may recently have read somewhere about “nudists” or “naturists”, or about just the idea that spending more than a brief amount of time without any clothes on can actually feel pleasant and liberating. It may, for instance, have been this good article in the New York Times: How to Feel Better Naked.

So perhaps you’ve been curious to find out what it’s really like to enjoy everyday life without wearing any clothes – as long as that’s possible in your circumstances. Maybe you’ve tried being completely naked when you had a few hours at home when nobody else was around – and you found it really felt quite good – but also strange and almost surreal. Something surprisingly pleasurable you’d never considered before.

You may even have occasionally wondered how it would feel to follow your normal routines – hobbies, daily chores, or whatever – just as usual, except for not wearing anything. Going naked just for the sake of being naked. Maybe you tend to be barefoot at home, like most children. Having no clothes on your body can feel just as good as having nothing on your feet – probably even much better. If you’ve actually given it a try, you may well have realized nudity’s in fact rather comfortable and agreeable – as most young children do (before they’ve started going to school).

Maybe you’ve begun to suspect you could actually spend much or all of your day without any clothes on whenever that’s physically comfortable. So you begin to make that something of a habit. Of course, you’ll need suitable circumstances for frequent nudity. You should have enough free time when you don’t need to go out for work or some other purpose. If you live alone, that should be easy.

If you live with others, however, you may have to limit your naked time to when others aren’t around – unless you can be sure they won’t mind your nudity. But if they don’t mind, the experience of daily life without clothes could be even more satisfying – knowing that you’re equally respected whether naked or not. Best case: others might be tempted to wear as little as you do.

So let’s assume you do have the opportunity to not wear anything for extended periods of time. In fact, that becomes what you prefer. Will it start to feel entirely “normal” and unremarkable? Or will there always be a feeling of strangeness, given the way complete nudity whenever possible is so different from conventional social customs? Will you continue to value how you’re able to thrive without depending on something artificial that almost everyone else seems to consider essential?

Probably you don’t need to worry about losing the sense of “strangeness” that comes along with a lifestyle that embraces nakedness. It’s really pretty simple. Once you’ve discovered the unique pleasure that comes from dispensing with clothes in daily life as much as possible, what will always seem so strange is that most other people can’t appreciate the wholesome pleasure of being naked, because they’re simply unable to free themselves from their irrational dependence on clothes. They’re hooked on wearing clothes, since they have no choice much of the time.

But you’ll be sure that wearing clothes beyond what you need for physical comfort or protection is excessive, and the more time you’re able to spend wearing nothing the better.

18 thoughts on “The strange feeling of daily life without wearing any clothes”

  1. En casa siempre estoy todo el tiempo desnudo es super comodo y liberador vivo con mi familia pero soy el unico nudista

  2. I tried going nude around the house. It’s wonderful not to put clothes on. Try it and you will like it.

  3. I have lived nude for the last 9 yrs and never have been more happier than I thought I would. It has brought so much less stress in my life and wished I had started years ago . Thank you my nude friends

  4. Great Blog. My wife sometimes says that I am obsessed with being naked, then I so “Everyone else is obsessed with clothes.

    1. It’s unfortunate that people too often focus excessively on the harmless differences of others with whom they mostly have a lot in common. People are individuals and should be able to make reasonable choices for themselves.

  5. “The strange feeling of daily life without wearing any clothes”
    That is really backward. Nude is our default human condition, like all other animals, how we were born. All body covers are an artificial and somewhat psychotic affectation. Clothes are strange. Life without clothes is our natural lives despite decades of clothist training and mind conditioning.

    “If you live with others, however, you may have to limit your naked time to when others aren’t around – unless you can be sure they won’t mind your nudity.”
    That is backward too. Naked is our natural condition. We mind their clothist affectations. It is they who should be naked unless they can be sure we won’t mind their clothism.

    1. Adults who live with other adults have to decide whether the choices others make do or do not deserve respect and tolerance. It goes both ways. There is no “natural” right or wrong about reasonable preferences that others have.

  6. I think when you get old (60+) your child behaviors regarding nudity and walking nude outside, comes back. Naturism is part of my secret life from the time I got married the second time. My wife allows me to be naked around her when we are alone inside our house, but when I want to be naked in nature, she will never agree or go with me. I feel liberated and peaceful when I am naked and I feel the wind and sunshine on my skin. My children never saw me naked, although they might know of my private naked lifestyle – my wife might have told them. My daughter once asked me about nudism and if it is wrong. Today at the age of 66 I still enjoy being naked when I can. I meditate when in the nude and that became a spiritual experience. My daughter took up on meditation and ask my wife if she can join me in the mornings when i go out to my meditation hut in the garden. She is 27 years old, and I know it will happen soon. I have no intention to let this spiritual practice become sexual or any other thing. Thank you for your post – it made me rethink my nudity lifestyle again, and a respect your thoughts. have a great naked day at home – whenever we can!

    1. As it happens, I spent the past weekend camped in the nearby National Forest. Naked the whole time (except early morning when it was cold). Not a regular campground, of course – what’s called “boondocking”, which means camping almost anyplace in the forest except for “regular” campgrounds. So I completely agree about being naked in nature.

      Your daughter’s certainly old enough to make up her own mind about naturism. How about discussing it with her? Invite her along on your next naked adventure. She can decide then about trying it. Nature’s a great place for meditating, if that’s your thing. Even better naked.

  7. In the early Twentieth century, it was against the law for anyone especially women to show off any part of the body because it was deemed indecent. When came time to enjoy the summer at the beach along the East coast, no woman was allowed to show her ankle, legs or even her arms to be completely covered by a full bathing suit, which makes it hard to enjoy a day fun while being in a bulky suit that will soak up a lot of water and take hours to dry. But of course in countries like France, Italy and Greece would probably be not so strict of enforcement to keep covered up and not expose too much. It is because of this that its possible for naturism came to existence to enjoy the freedom of being one with nature to be nude. To have fun for the need to get some needed sun and air to breathe. For people of every walk of life to experience the freedom of the human body. When we are very little, just going beyond infancy to childhood we are given a bath. We see as if its both children a boy and girl we see each other it doesn’t matter if we are siblings or other family members as we see each other naked for the first time. As children, boys and girls we look identical to each other. Of course the differences in our lower bodies,but the upper body is the same, also that some children can have long or short hair. We can stare at each other and the minor differences of our anatomy. Until we mature men grow body hair and develop muscles, women their breasts develop and someday produce breast milk to feed their own children. Being a naturist/nudist it doesn’t matter if you comfortable to be nude that is part of the lifestyle you want to be part of. I find it very fascinating and it shows the beauty and freedom of the human body.

  8. Back in my college days, I found myself without a summer job one year. Our financial condition was quite strained so my wife took ALL of my clothes to a consignment shop, but vegetable seeds and home canning supplies, and told me my job would be to provide for our winter noursihment. So I was fully nude all summer, taking care of the garden, doing the house chores, all while she went off to the city to work. We lived in a rural area so only a small portion of the garden was visible from the road. I would occasionally hear a car honk as it passed, I would smile and wave back. I had the most beautifully even tan that summer. Clean up after gardening was a breeze, simply hose off and let the sun dry my skin.
    After the first few days, it no longer seemed strange to not getting dressed every morning. And I did not have so much laundry to deal with!

      1. No, except for a quick dash across the road to get the mail. Eve brought anything we needed home after work.
        Once on my birthday, she put me into one of her dresses so we could go out for dinner.
        And evening walks in the forest behind our house.

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