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More and more we’re starting to think that nude events might be the key to a bright future for nudism. Especially the younger generation nudists want to get from behind the fences of the naturist clubs and resorts and do something fun, something spectacular. Luckily the options for amazing nude events seem to be larger than ever before. There are naked bike rides, nudist games, nude contests, nude cruises, nude festivals, nude tournaments, you named it. Everything is there for some amazing nude experiences in 2019. If you don’t have any inspiration about where to spend your naked time this year, here are 12 + 1 tips!

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Naked on a rollercoaster

There are two ways to think of this. The first is that the sillier the story is, the more likely it is that it will be reported (at least in the British press). The second, more optimistic, take is that nudity is fun (even if it isn’t sexual).

(Since female nipples are censored in all photos, the idea that nudity is actually respectable probably isn’t the message.)

  1. Naturists plan world record attempt with nude rollercoaster ride in Blackpool (2/21/19)
  2. Nudists plan roller-coaster world record attempt (2/22/19)
  3. Nudists to break world record in Blackpool for most naked people on a roller coaster ride (2/22/19)
  4. British naturists set world record for naked rollercoaster riding as nearly 200 bare all (and brave the 50F chill) at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (3/3/19)
  5. Brave Brits strip NAKED for Blackpool rollercoaster ride (3/3/19)
  6. Blackpool thrill-seekers set the new world record for the most naked people on a rollercoaster (3/4/19)
  7. Group of naturalists break world record for most naked people on a roller coaster (3/4/19)
  8. Nearly 200 British Thrill-Seekers Set New World Record By Riding Blackpool Rollercoaster Naked (3/4/19)
  9. Naturists attempt world naked rollercoaster record (3/5/19)
  10. Swindon men set world record with naked rollercoaster ride (3/6/19)

Naked yoga

Naked yoga has been a “thing” for some time at this point. (Here’s a piece on it from 2005.) Nevertheless, it seems to remain a newsworthy topic, so maybe it’s actually gaining in popularity. (When is the last time you saw much in a newspaper or magazine about non-nude yoga?)

Why does it still make news? It’s possible that’s simply because yoga itself is becoming more popular among people of all ages. I don’t really know whether that’s the case.

However, maybe practicing yoga in the nude with other people indicates something more. Perhaps people are not only becoming more interested in the health and fitness of their bodies, but at the same time some, at least, are losing their irrational inhibitions about being naked with others and becoming more accepting of their naked bodies. Even more optimistically, perhaps people are also looking for new circumstances where it’s acceptable to be naked with others, and the practice of yoga is a good opportunity for that.

Here a year’s worth of some of the more recent reports on the topic.

  1. ‘It’s liberation’: The emerging nude yoga trend empowering women (4/12/18)
  2. Doing Naked Yoga With Strangers Showed Me How Far I’ve Come in My Eating Disorder Recovery (4/25/18)
  3. Naked in Motion (4/30/18)
  4. ‘I dared to try a nude yoga class. Here’s what happened.’ (5/22/18)
  5. Yoga instructor, 29, launches NUDE classes for women of all ages, shapes and sizes – and the first event was a huge success (5/29/18)
  6. French nudists let it all hang out for naked yoga at annual naturists’ picnic in Paris park (6/25/18)
  7. Fitness fans strip naked for outdoor yoga session (6/25/18)
  8. Nudists practice naked yoga to celebrate naturism at a park in Paris (6/26/18)
  9. Nude yoga teacher says it’s important to see different sides of women’s bodies (7/22/18)
  10. I Tried a Naked Yoga Class—and Actually Loved How It Made Me Feel (8/17/18)
  11. Why the latest health trend has to be done naked (9/6/18)
  12. I was scared to try naked yoga, but it offered me unexpected liberation (1/8/19)
  13. How Naked Yoga Is Paving the Way for a New Age of Body-Positive Nudies (2/5/19)
  14. Cypress Cove Nudist Resort Hosts Nude Yoga Retreat (2/25/19)
  15. Nudist reveals love for naked yoga as classes surge in popularity (3/8/19)