“I just don’t wear clothes very much anymore unless I have to…”

That’s something you’ll hear from many naturists, unsurprisingly. Perhaps you’ve actually thought or even said something like that yourself. If so, great! Otherwise, can you imagine yourself doing that? It would mean you’ve realized that something most people regard as obviously essential – namely, wearing clothes – really isn’t essential at all much of the time. Being usually naked when possible is a conscious, intentional decision you could make. Or maybe it’s just something you might gradually find yourself doing – and enjoying. But the fact is, having a naked lifestyle is actually practicable.

And it’s not all that hard, either – at least if you’ve been fortunate that people you live with and many others you know don’t seriously question your customary nudity – they simply accept it as what’s normal for you. It could be easier than you suppose. Perhaps all you need to do is gradually wear increasingly less and be prepared to explain it as what feels comfortable to you – and shouldn’t pose a problem for others.

Once you’re naked increasingly often, you may be surprised at how few problems come up due to your frequent nudity. Probably few, if any, of those you live with or your good friends are often openly naked themselves, or seem to have much interest or curiosity about a naked lifestyle. And yet very soon they don’t seem to regard your nudity as strange. Or if they even notice your nudity at all, they remark (enviously?) on your “courage” to be naked so often. (If they do mention your nudity without disapproval, why not suggest they try it themselves?)

If you start being frequently naked – yet nobody seems to regard that as anything worth mentioning – you may wonder whether you’ve just been dreaming. Might you wake up someday and realize that the way you thought you were living was merely a dream?

But quickly you’ll know it really isn’t just a dream. Being naked much or most of the time in suitable situations has become a key part of your lifestyle. The people who are most important to you fully accept your choice – however it happened. You’re able to get along fully comfortable wearing nothing. And you feel very grateful for that.

If this vision of living naked appeals to you but hasn’t yet happened, perhaps you should think seriously about how to make it happen.

18 thoughts on ““I just don’t wear clothes very much anymore unless I have to…””

  1. Nice article, I’m naked as much as possible, sadly my wife is not and has stated she will never be. I’m just so comfortable in my on skin without the tightness and restrictions of clothes. I find underpants massively uncomfortable and a pleasure to remove, I’m guessing that taking. a bra off provides a similar relief.

  2. I’ve had this curiosity since I was about 12 years old and would frequently venture outside during the summer and walk around the backyard or the alley of my neighborhood.
    I always enjoy being free, and right now I’m still practicing my lifestyle. Some people are so self conscious about nudity and so quick to judge other. people should ask questions or try to underwater our lifestyle.
    As soon as I get home from work, the clothes come off…
    My neighbor told a few years ago, “if you ever want to go skinny at night, feel free.
    And to this day I still do this but with caution.

    1. My early experience was a lot like yours, Dave. But it was much later that I started to visit nude beaches and resorts. I suspect there are a lot more “home nudists” who’re naked a lot at home but seldom, if ever, go to beaches or resorts. That’s unfortunate, since there won’t be many more places like that if people who enjoy nudity don’t actually use them. It’s sort of a mystery what that’s the case, and it would be very good for naturism to figure out what can be done about that. Do you visit naturist places away from home, and if not, why not?

  3. Can only agree. We have lost so much freedom that we accept totally ridiculous norms as if they are valid.

  4. I think the only way for me now is to leave my family and the country. Which wouldn’t make me 100% happy either… So its a solutionless problem…

  5. I have been a committed nudist since college. After meeting my girlfriend I convinced her to adopt the lifestyle and now she loves it. With the stay at home orders we never have to put clothes on unless one of us has a video call. It is terrific.

    1. Perfect. You should, for the benefit of others, consider writing about how you achieved your success.

      1. So let me give you some background. 

        I met my girlfriend about 2 years ago at the gym where I still swim 5 or 6 times per week.  One Saturday I was swimming laps when Lisa showed up and swam in the lane next to me.  We talked briefly after we were both done.  She asked how often I swam and I told her almost every day – I have been swimming since I was young and swam in high school and college.

        Several days later just as I was rinsing off on the side of the pool before getting in, Lisa showed up and stepped under the shower next to me. We ended up swimming laps next to each other which became a regular thing.  Not long after we started dating.

        While she got to see me in a speedo as we continued to meet at the gym, I did not say anything to her about my being a nudist.  We thoroughly enjoyed being together and so after several weeks I invited her to go to the beach after our gym session the following Saturday.  When we finished swimming I told her I would pick her up at her place.  When we got to the beach (clothed) and settled down she said she was surprised I was wearing board shorts and not my speedo.  I decided to be honest at that point and said I would not normally be wearing anything at the beach since I was a nudist and preferred nude beaches.  That led to a long conversation in which we discussed how I became a nudist including that with all of the swimming through the years and having being seen naked by teammates, opposing teammates, coaches and school reporters, I decided when I got to college that I simply would not bother with clothes unless I was going to class.  Luckily my roommate was cool with my nudity and in fact joined me in hanging out naked in the dorm.  It was a candid and open discussion and at one point she asked if I wore clothes at home and I told her I did not.  She asked about friends and I told her my friends knew I was a nudist and thought nothing about me being naked when they came over. I left it at that.

        We continued to meet at the gym to swim and also go out.  Several weeks later we again went to the beach (clothed).  This time she brought clothes to wear since we were going out to dinner.  She was going to shower and change at my place so when we got back from the beach, I showed her where the bathroom was.  I said I was going to throw my bathing suit in the wash and did not intend to put clothes on until after I could shower unless she would be uncomfortable.   She said “it is your house so feel free to go naked.”  And so she showered  and came out wearing a long t shirt.  I then walked past her naked and went and showered.  When I came out naked she was dressed and ready so I got dressed and we went out.  She ended up spending the night and the next morning I was naked in the kitchen when she came in wearing the t shirt.  I joked that this was a clothes free home but then said I understood if she preferred to leave the t shirt on.  After breakfast we talked and at one point she said “I cannot believe how comfortable you are naked.”  I told her she should try it and while she did not that day the next time she stayed over she did not wear anything to breakfast the following morning.  

        Over many months she got comfortable with the nudity.  I never wore clothes when she was over and slowly she went from simply coming to breakfast naked to hanging out naked.  We then took the big step of going to a nude beach.  While she remained clothed the first several times and then went topless several more times now she is comfortable naked and we regularly go to nude beaches.  

        So that is our story and Lisa is sitting here with me naked and so I will turn this over to her— Lisa here – I want to say I got comfortable with nudity for several reasons. Sean is so normal about being naked, he never pressured me and just let me take it at my own pace and he kept reassuring me. I will concede I now find it enjoyable but I will say public nudity was definitely an adjustment but with Sean’s support I made it. Hope this helps others.

        1. Great story, both of you, Sean and Lisa. It seems there was good chemistry between you two from the start. That’s a big help. And being respectful of each others’ preferences also helps a lot. That’s kind of a general rule for getting along with others, I guess. But many people can’t seem to get the hang of it. I haven’t been in the dating scene for quite a long time. But I think that naturists should let their dating partners know how they feel about nudity early in the relationship. If a dating partner is OK with your frequent nudity, they may well get into it also if you’re patient. But if they can’t accept your everyday nudity, it’s not a good sign.

  6. I have been enjoying the nude lifestyle now for over 15 years I too love it for all the same reasons as other true nudist …
    One thing I would like to point out and I’m saying this because I am a single male at this moment and I have been many times to nudist resorts single and a few times with a female partner, it’s nice to have resorts that allow single male nudist , but please to all single males , if you go to a resort, go to enjoy the freedom not because it turns you on to be seen by others (females) this is very noticeable I see it too often and it makes us look bad and then tougher restrictions on single males to go to resorts, so go and just be yourself , enjoy being free, make new friends and don’t let every conversation be about being naked…..
    I hope I did not sound negative because being nude as I am right now is a wonderful feeling so enjoy it and do it respectfully!

    1. please to all single males , if you go to a resort, go to enjoy the freedom not because it turns you on to be seen by others (females) this is very noticeable I see it too often and it makes us look bad and then tougher restrictions on single males to go to resorts

      The point is well taken. However, without talking with men like that, you can’t always be sure of their motive. They might simply be new to naturism and haven’t yet learned the proper etiquette. It might be worth having a friendly chat to get an idea of where they’re coming from. Yes, this may take time out of your stay at the resort. But if it helps give some of these guys a better understanding of naturism, everyone benefits. And you might find some of them to be interesting and worth knowing better. If nobody talks with guys like that, they may decide that naturists are unfriendly, and then their only reason for being there is exactly what you don’t want.

  7. I first became a home nudist in 2012 I dabbled in being nude a few times before that but living with roommates here and there kind of limitedmy time nude fast forward too 2016 first time nude outside wonderful feeling 2018 first apartment with girlfriend we’re both nudists raising our daughter in nudist lifestyle that’s my nudist story

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