Get more out of naturism – try something new!

Probably most readers will agree that naturism is already pretty darn good. But are there ways to enjoy it even more? Sure, of course there are. Just use a little imagination. Yes, “Variety is the spice of life” is a well-worn cliché. But it’s true. Read on to think about new things to try out by yourself or (especially) with naturist friends.

Here are some reasons you might want to try new things in the way you enjoy naturism:

  • You might be getting a little tired of the “same old, same old”
  • You can meet new and interesting people
  • You’ll learn about new naturist experiences from others
  • You’ll discover new activities for enjoying naturist nudity you’d never thought of

Not much more needs to be said about how branching out in ways to participate in naturism is good, so let’s just go to a list of possibilities to consider.

  1. If you almost always visit just one or two favorite naturist places, look for new ones to try

    Such places include clothing-optional beaches, naturist resorts, and suitable hiking trails. If you’ve seldom or never tried one of these places, be sure to check out a few to find one you might like.

  2. Try new activities that can be enjoyed naked (in a suitable place)

    Examples: archery, figure drawing and painting, jogging or running, trampolining, fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, or any other activity that’s new to you.

    Not infrequently, most of these activities are enjoyed best with other naturists. Try asking around at a naturist resort to find others who’d like to try one of these activities with you.

  3. At your favorite naturist resort(s), get to know other naturists who are different in some important way from your current friends

    For instance, people who’re younger, older, come from different backgrounds, are of different ethnicities, or have traveled in countries you’ve not visited. You may need to ask around to locate relevant people. E. g., “Do you know anyone here who’s visited naturist places in Croatia? Or “Has anyone here been on a nude cruise in the Caribbean?”

  4. Visit naturist places in different parts of the country

    You might be surprised to find there are people in parts of the country you’ve never been in who enjoy naturism as much as you do. The experience of naturism in an Oregon forest is not the same as on a Florida beach (and vice versa).

  5. If you’ve enjoyed tent camping naked, consider renting an RV in which to visit a naturist park or resort

    Likewise, if most of your naturist experience has been in an RV, try tent camping – either in a naturist park or other suitable place. The experiences can be quite different, yet equally enjoyable. And the people who prefer one alternative over the others are likely to be different from those with the opposite preference.

  6. Think of new topics for conversation you don’t usually consider

    Common topics: sports, food, movies, photography, hobbies, music, art, family experiences, best or worst jobs, pets, vacations, cars, books, games.

    Certainly a few of these are things you often talk about, but try to choose something different. Definitely avoid politics, however, if there’s any chance of getting into an argument!

  7. Think up some interesting questions to discuss with other naturists

    For instance:

    • Who were you most surprised to learn is a naturist? (Your mother-in-law? Your boss? Your best friend from high school?)
    • Who was most surprised to learn you’re a naturist – yet admired your self-confidence?
    • Who do you know that became a naturist after resisting the idea for a long time? And what changed their mind?
    • What was your most embarrassing experience as a naturist?
    • What was the most surprising thing you realized about being a naturist?

  8. Plan a party for naturist friends at your home

    But instead of conventional party activities like board games, 20 questions, charades, karaoke, etc., offer a naturist-specific activity. Announce it in advance, so guests come prepared.

    Ideas to consider:

    • Body painting. Guests paint each other in artistic/whimsical/humorous designs or weird simulated “clothes”. (Use washable body paints!)
    • Naturist costume party. There are endless imaginative possibilities, such as ancient Egyptian queens, Roman gladiators, Amazon warriors, Celtic warriors, Greek temple priestesses, cowboys, etc. Costumes shouldn’t be elaborate or cover very much of the body. A cowboy/cowgirl costume might be just a belt with gun holster, red bandana, and cowboy hat.
    • Naturist gift exchange. Guests bring simple, humorous gifts with naturist themes to exchange. Examples: clear-plastic bikini, toy doll suitcase, 1-gallon plastic container labeled “sunscreen”, etc.
    • Ask each guest to tell the group about their most embarrassing, scary, or unusual naturist experience.

  9. Try an online naturist activity you haven’t considered before

    For example:

    • Twitter
    • Reddit’s /r/Nudism group
    • A naturist social network (like True Nudists)
    • A discussion forum, such as a Facebook naturist group
    • Video chat meetings, using Zoom or similar services, with nearby naturist friends or others you may know elsewhere in the country (or the world)

    Don’t give up too quickly if one or more of these options doesn’t seem very satisfying. It takes time to get to know other regular participants and figure out the best ways to use each service. Eventually you’ll probably find others you’d like to meet in person, even if they live in another state, or even another country. Having such long-distance friends will allow you to learn more about naturism outside your familiar territory.

  10. There are a number of specialized activities you can enjoy naked that may not have occurred to you

    Often you’ll need to find people with experience in the activity and are willing to work with naturists. Unless you already know someone with relevant experience, it may be necessary to hire “experts” to work with a small group of interested naturists.
    But naturist activities shared in a group are almost always more fun. Examples:

    • Art modeling
    • Yoga lessons
    • Skydiving
    • Horseback riding on a trail
    • Water skiing
    • Parasailing
    • River rafting
    • Scuba diving (if you’re somewhere the water isn’t so cold a wetsuit’s required)

If you have other creative ideas about ways to enjoy naturism, please mention them in a comment.

4 thoughts on “Get more out of naturism – try something new!”

    1. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the pleasure of a canal boat trip (naked or otherwise) in your country, but it sounds like great fun. In the U. S. we have few if any boat canals anyone can enjoy. Perhaps that’s because building canals instead of ordinary surface (dirt) roads for stagecoaches was more expensive. People in the U. S. back then were more interested in driving the indigenous population into reservations and having a civil war. And even if we had nice canals, nudity wouldn’t be allowed.

  1. People should have the right to enjoy life whether wearing clothes or in the nude. A lot of things can be done, going to work, shopping, vacationing and at home. It doesn’t matter if your alone, with friends and others. Have fun in the nude and artistry of naturism.

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