Ideas for enjoying nudity while social distancing, part 1

Since the pandemic certainly isn’t over yet, many people will continue spending much more time at home than they did just a few months ago. Whether or not that’s by personal preference, the upside for naturists is the opportunity to spend much more of their time naked in their own homes. Sadly, however, many people have suffered a difficult loss of income, so they simply won’t be able to pursue activities that are no longer affordable, such as using gyms, traveling away from home, or even paying for cable channels they like.

Even if people can continue to work from home at their usual job, they may well find they have more “free” time than previously. Not having to commute to work can save a lot of time. Vacations involving air travel will be much less of interest. Many free-time activities – such as shopping or going to sporting events – may also be less available. And many naturist campgrounds and resorts will be unable to have their usual number of visitors. Some will be fortunate if they can even stay in business.

So, like most other people, naturists will probably have more free time than they’ve been accustomed to. That’s good news, and for naturists it means that not only they can be naked more of the time, but also they can try out new activities where nudity is especially appropriate.

The Naked Wanderings blog has more than a dozen suggestions for possible activities: 14 Ideas to Enjoy being Nude while Social Distancing. Curiously, though, many of the suggestions don’t necessarily have anything to do with nudity and are things that anyone – whether naturist or not – might consider doing to fill up the time.

Let’s look at some of the suggestions and consider how to incorporate nudity into them in a meaningful way.

  1. Improve your home
    Do you have a room or two that could use a new coat of paint? Painting is usually a rather boring, tedious task. Doing it naked not only makes it a little more enjoyable, but also eliminates the problem of paint getting on clothes. Or maybe you have a deck in the back that needs a little sanding and a new coat of sealer. That’s tedious too, so do it naked – if you have sufficient privacy, or can rig up some temporary screening. Then, once you have a newly refurbished deck, you might buy a spa to put on it for naked soaking. You might also install screens of some sort around the deck if needed for privacy.

    There are quite probably other ways you can make your home more suitable for frequent nudity. Perhaps you need better drapes, blinds, or shades to cover windows that neighbors or passers-by might see in. You could install a camera at the front door to know who’s there before opening it (and covering up a little, if you care). Probably you’ll also want to be able to keep the place warmer in the colder months. That might mean adding suitable additional sources of heat. Outside you may want to add some extra landscaping or fencing to provide more privacy.

  2. Get artistic
    This one’s so obvious. Take up figure drawing or painting. Or work on improving your technique if you’ve already tried it. Even if your spouse or significant other isn’t a naturist, wouldn’t he/she be willing to pose naked for you? If you’re still unattached, but dating, people you date may also think “sure, why not? – I’ve already been naked with you”. Better yet, if he or she also has an artistic bent, you can model for each other. But what if you’d like advice and guidance from a teacher? No problem – there are numerous instructional videos online. Just look around.

    Many people who have somewhat reluctantly tried naked modeling have soon realized that being naked and the center of attention of others who’re intently studying every part and detail of their naked body isn’t as uncomfortable as they feared. They’ll realize that it’s actually no big deal, and probably start looking forward to the opportunity. If so, they’re quite ready to become naturists. This could be the person who’s agreed to model for you.

    And how about using your model as your canvas too? Painting on naked bodies is a very naturist thing to do. You and your model could take turns being the canvas. There are plenty of bodypainting videos around, too, as a source of advice and ideas. There are a number of bodypainting websites, such as this one, to check for ideas.

  3. Get moving
    Can’t go to the gym these days, or even jog around your neighborhood? Maybe it’s time to invest in some exercise and fitness equipment for your home (if you haven’t already and can afford it). A treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical machine, or whatever is a whole lot more convenient and more likely to be used if it’s in your home. Plus you don’t need to pay gym fees or feel embarrassed by how much more fit others at the gym look. And of course, you can exercise totally naked – which may reduce the boredom of workouts.

    Alternatively, or in addition, you could use the opportunity to get serious about learning yoga. That’s also great for fitness – and especially suitable for being practiced naked. No teacher? Again, there are plenty of yoga videos out there – including many where the instructor is naked. It’s a lot easier to see how the various yoga asanas are done when there’s no clothing involved. Naked yoga lessons are available both as videos and real-time instruction, although there’s generally a fee. But here’s a free sample (from

    One other very important resource for online naked yoga and fitness activities is British Naturism. Check this page of online events for a variety of activities related to yoga, exercise, and fitness. They are free or reasonably priced for BN members. There are also life drawing and painting sessions. And the best part is that it’s not necessary to live in Great Britain to join BN, for a modest yearly fee. (About US$56, with discounts for couples, students, young naturists, and older people.)

  4. Go camping
    Camping inside your own home is possible, of course – but it’s not “real” camping. You don’t need an established public or private campground either. In fact, except for private naturist campgrounds, you’d be expected not to be naked outside your tent or RV. Fortunately, real camping in the outdoors that can be done clothesfree is pretty easy. It’s also free of fees, so very affordable. There are millions of acres of public land in the U. S. (and many other countries) were you can be as naked as you wish, and nobody except any companions is even likely to see you. Social distancing is automatic.

    Most of this land in the U. S. is managed by the National Forest Service (NFS) or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – and there are usually no Federal restrictions on nudity in these areas. (National Parks are generally off-limits for nudity, at least in areas where most tourists go.) If you’re a backpacker you can camp beside backcountry hiking trails, especially in designated Wilderness areas where only limited numbers of hikers with permits are allowed. If you’re concerned about being “discovered” while naked, just camp a little way off the trail.

    For non-backpackers, you can camp at suitable sites accessible by vehicle. In places where non-naturists may be present, you might want to choose sites that are somewhat hidden from the roads. But fortunately, most people who like this type of camping aren’t bothered by nudity, even if they’re not naturists. Similar types of land owned by individual states may also be suitable. However, the legal situation may be murkier. You should always check on the local laws before any naked camping or hiking excursions.

    There are many important things that are worth knowing if you want to do this type of camping clothesfree. But it’s not necessary to explain them here, since I’ve written a detailed article on the subject.

  5. Get (semi-) social
    Naturists can continue to socialize from their homes with other naturists around the world using video conferencing. I expect most naturists are already aware of this, and I’ve discussed it several times – such as here and here, and in other articles noted there. I’ve also suggested (here) that this tool can be used to discuss naturism with friends and family members who don’t live nearby, but might be open-minded enough to be interested in learning about it.

  6. Become a naturist blogger
    Blogging can be a lot of work, if you become serious about it. But it could also a good way to learn more about naturism – as you search for ideas and information to pass along to others. You should also be able to make new online naturist friends. And as a naturist blogger, you’ll probably find opportunities to participate in video socializing with other naturists around the world.

    It is, however, important to note one thing about blogging. People who blog about any topic should have some kind of special knowledge about their subject matter. Otherwise, their advice would be just random opinions. Suppose the topic were gardening. How many people would want to read advice from someone who was just getting into gardening and couldn’t accurately answer specific questions? On the other hand, it would be interesting to read about the personal experiences of a beginning gardener – their mistakes, the problems they encountered, funny stories about their efforts, etc.

    Exactly the same thing applies to naturism. If you aspire to offer useful advice, you should have relevant experience. For instance, if you recommend certain places to enjoy naturism, you should have been to the places at least a few times, so you have a good idea about the pros and cons. But if you want to offer humorous anecdotes about the time you were the only one naked somewhere, you got lost on a naked hike, someone stole your clothes at a nude beach as a prank, or what happened when your sister and her family paid an unexpected visit while you had some naked friends around – go right ahead. Another good possibility is candid trip reports about visits to certain naturist spots or naked camping/hiking adventures. The Free Range Naturist blog is an excellent example of the latter.

In a following post I’ll offer some suggestions that weren’t in the Naked Wanderings article

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