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The good news: there are so many worthwhile Web pages by and for people who enjoy being naked. (Almost) everything you could ever want to read or see about the subject.

The bad news: there are so many worthwhile Web pages by and for people who enjoy being naked. How can you ever find the really good ones?

For a long time I've resisted putting up a list of favorites, because I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by leaving something out. But now the number of sites is just so overwhelming, it's too easy to miss the really top-notch places. And that isn't fair to them. Or helpful to you.

So I'm doing my part to help identify the really best pages about general nonsexual nudity that can be found on the Web.

If you think you have a site that might belong on this list, send me some email about it. But please be patient. I don't have as much time to work on this as I used to. And, unfortunately, I can't list everything. Don't let your feelings be hurt if your site doesn't get listed. Instead, make it better!

Sites with general information on nudity

Sites with many types of information on nudity and nakedness.
Top notch site with overview of naturism, message board, chat, shopping mall, cartoons, and humor
The Naturist Society
Good general information as well as material on TNS (one of the two principal naturist/nudist organizations in the U. S.). Visit the site, join TNS, and support the cause. Their quarterly printed magazine is great.
American Association for Nude Recreation
More good general information -- especially a directory of all affiliated landed and nonlanded clubs in North America.
Federation of Canadian Naturists
The site is loaded with information, they have a great quarterly magazine, and the organization is very much worth joining even if you don't live in Candada.
Happy Nature
Isabelle offers wonderful poetry and photographs througout this site. There's also a discussion forum. Read this to understand some of the joy of naturism.
Cheef's Nudist Naturist Place
Key features include the Nudist News, discussion forums, and thorough guides to camps, clubs, and resorts in the U. S. and Canada.
Sunclad Naturist Resources
Focuses on naturism in New England, but also has a general nude news page, bookstore, and a column about online naturism. By Dennis Kirkpatrick.
Extensive site featuring essays, nude news, and much more.
The Complete Guide to Becoming a Nudist
Visit this site if you're thinking nudity might be for you, but you're not sure how to start. It's humorous, besides.
JMF's Nudist/Naturist Pages
A well-crafted site by James Fitzwilliam, including an introduction to naturism, list of favorite beaches and resorts, and annotated reading list.
One of the first important naturist sites, still has good general pages on naturism, by Dave Rossow.
This site has a fine collection of features. The main feature is a searchable database of nudist/naturist resorts and clubs, but there is also a message board, trip reports, general information, and a nudist "friend finder" database.
Naturist Journal
Excellent content at this site: news stories about nudity, advice column, external links that are rated by recency of update. And the whole site is searchable.

Good lists of links to other sites

Places to go for many more references. Most of the general information sites also have good lists of links.
Open Directory Project: Nudism
Good, selective list of links. A version of this list is at Google, with entries sorted in "page rank" order.
Kent Ashton's Links to Naturist Sites
A pretty long list, in alphabetical order.

Personal naturist/nudist home pages

People describe and document their clothing-optional lifestyles.
Joe and Natalie's Naked Page
Joe and Natalie are naked, irreverent, a bit outrageous, and... fun.
Moose's Home Page on Nudism
George M. Muss provides a lively overview of his involvement with nudism.
The New Home Page of SunnyDay
A young woman writes about the joys of discovering nudism. Her site includes stories about her experiences with nudity, a good FAQ on naturism, and a message board.
The Civilized Explorer
Maybe it's unfair to call this a "naturist" site, since naturism isn't the primary subject. Instead, it deals with things -- like travel in the French West Indies, and the Burning Man festival -- which have obvious naturist associations. (See the skin divers photo gallery, for example.) The site is the work of Philip Stripling and Louise Johnson.

Philosopy of naturism and nudism

Thoughts and essays about why nudity is important, and related philosophical issues.
205 Arguments and Observations in Support of Naturism
Exactly what the title says.
Naked Spirit
This is one of the best places to begin considering some of the philosophical and "spiritual" issues of nakedness.
Dare To Go Bare
Several pages that present a balanced overview of nudism and naturism from a religious perspective (at the Religious Tolearnce Web site). Includes discussion of nudity in the Bible, role of nudity in various religious traditions, and other general topics on nudity.
Humanistic Naturism
Discussion of nudity and naturism from the perspective of secular humanism. An email discussion group is available for anyone interested in further dialogue on the subject.

Activism in support of more acceptance for nudity

People and organizations fighting for your right to be naked.
Naturist Action Committee
The non-profit political adjunct to The Naturist Society.
Body Freedom Collaborative
BFC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the integration and acceptance of non-sexual social nudity in a variety of public and private settings. Some of its projects include the Experience Nakedness Project, the Seattle Free Beach Campaign, the World Naked Beach Party, and NakedFreedom.org (which promotes body-positive public lands events). There's also a Guide to a Body-Positive Life and a Yahoo discussion group.
Go Bare
At present, this leads to a Yahoo group of the same name, whose purpose is "to promote the benefits and practice of 'naturism', with an emphasis on 'free-range' clothes-freedom." The scope of the groups is worldwide, though in practice the majority of its focus is the UK.
Topfree Equal Rights Association
Women who choose to be topfree are often treated as harshly as if fully nude. TERA campaigns to change that.
The Freedom To Be Yourself
Vincent Bethell's crusade to stop the racist hatred towards the human race. Related to this is the Stopsegregation discussion group.
About Steve Gough's walk the length of Great Britain from one end to the other in 2003 -- naked. Steve completed the first walk in January 2004 -- and is planning to do it again.

Sources for current news about nudity

Nude happenings around the world.
Nudes in the News
Just a very plain, unadorned page with lots of current news headline links to stories about nudity. Provided by the (San Francisco) Bay Area Naturists.
Cheef's Nudist News
The collection is very thorough, updated almost daily, and provides brief annotations for each story.
Nudes in the News
Nude news stories provided by Clothesfree.com.
Sunclad Unclad News: The Daily NudeLines
Selected headlines, generated by Moreover.com.

Online discussion groups

Express your opinions and make naturist/nudist friends.
A top-notch email discussion list for general nudist/naturist subjects.
NNN: The Nakedness, Nudity, and Naturism List
A discussion list that encourages philosophical reflections on anything related to nudity and nakedness. You can go directly here to sign up.
Humanist Naturism
Discussion of naturism from the perspective of secular humanism, agnosticism, and atheism.
My Nude Life
The main feature (as of this writing) of Cyndiann's site is the message board, but there's a chat room too, as well as essays, external links, and photos from site members.

Directories of places to enjoy nudity

From resorts, clubs, and camps to beaches and hiking trails.
San Francisco Bay Guardian Nude Beach Guide
Very complete guide to nude places in the San Francisco Bay area. Until recently, this was updated every year. The 2004 guide is very brief, but most older information is still valid. Earlier years: 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999.
Naturism in the UK
Also known as NUFF, the Naturist UK Fact File. A zillion reasons for naturists from everywhere to visit the UK.
Cap'n Barefoot's Naturist Guide to the Greek Islands
Could there possibly be any better place to go naked?
Clothing-Optional Opportunities in B. C.
A guide by Bill Arnett to nudist clubs and clothing-optional beaches in British Columbia. It also provides information on some locations in the U. S. and elsewhere in the world. The general external links are good too.

Recreation and activities that go well with nudity

What to do when you don't have any clothes on.
Nautical Naturist Home Page
A loose association of Flotillas -- over 24 -- to encourage going bare onboard.
Naturist Hikers
A Yahoo discussion group about nude hiking, as well as related activities like camping, fishing, and biking that can be enjoyed while naked.
The Outdoor Recreation Interest Group of the Naturist Society
Yahoo discussion group for the TNS SIG dealing with all forms of outdoor nude recreation, especially hiking, canoeing, camping, and skiing.
The Paddling Bares Canoe Club
For naturist canoeists and kayakers, especially in the New Jersey area.
Bare Bushwalking in Australia
This looks like a pretty comprehensive guide to nude hiking just about anywhere (within reason) in Australia. It includes news, opinions, and general information provided by an extensive list of nude bushwalkers. There's a page of good advice for nude hikers anywhere, and a list of relevant external links.
Nude Hiking in the Yukon & Alaska
Here's another site for people who enjoy both nudity and hiking in the great outdoors. It includes a page of nude hiking etiquette and tips and a list of online sites that can help you find hiking partners. This main page contains lists of useful external links and books about nudity and naturism.

Family naturism

How the whole family can enjoy and benefit from naturism.
Clothesfree Child
Yahoo discussion group on raising children in a naturist family.
Family Naturism
A Yahoo discussion group dealing with naturism in family life.

Naturism for people under 30

It's not just for families and older folks.
Young Adult Naturists
Excellent general site on naturism aimed at young people from teens to 30-something.
Naturist Students
The site offers both a message board and an email list server.
The Nude World of Cat
Young Brit Catherine Lewis' site is not just about her, but also contains first time stories from others, an active message board, a guide to closet nudism, and a visitor's book

Creative nudity: art, poetry, drama, etc.

Art helps explain us to ourselves.
Artforum Gallery
A very complete collection of famous fine art masterpieces depicting the female nude.
Henry Yuen
Watercolors of beach scenes by an artist who has done good naturist/nudist work.
Frenchy Loeb
Her work is watercolors, mostly of naturist places such as Gunnison Beach, Haulover Beach, and Orient Beach (St. Martin).

Naturist photography

Certainly deserves a section of its own. It is more than just pictures of naked people.
The Spirit of Lady Godiva
A book of photography by Harvey, featuring nudity in the "real" world.
The CENTURY Project: Women from birth through 100 years of age
An ambitions, ongoing project by Frank Cordelle to photography women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and body types.
Saelon Renkes
Handpainted fine art nude photographs.
The Mindseye Photography
Husband and wife photographers -- Fred and Lara Ellis. Fred's gallery is very diverse, images that teem with symbol and myth. Lara's gallery is full of nature and the outdoors.

Body painting

The art form most appropriate for naturists.
The Body Painting Page
This site, created by Steven Bradford, covers the whole subject, with images, imformation on techniques and materials, lists of books/articles/videos, and well chosen external links.
Body Painting Links Page 2.2
This may be the most extensive collection of body painting links -- over 400.
Bodypainting by Fredi Schmid
A bodypainting site with several galleries, a very good links page.
Filippo Ioco
Ioco does photography and conventional painting as well as bodypainting. There are male as well as female images.
Body Painting
Sort of a cheat, because the page is at this site. It's mostly links, which are annotated.

Other fun things

Miscellaneous, in other words.
Loxie & Zoot
Cartoon naturist adventures from Australia.

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