Disorganized nudity

Not everyone who likes to be naked is interested in joining an organization or club with that express purpose. After all, most people who use computers don't belong to the ACM or a computer club, and usually they don't even subscribe to computer magazines. For that matter, people who like to wear clothes usually don't belong to an organization for that purpose either.

There's more to life than beaches, resorts, and campgrounds, too. One can be naked at home any time without being on anyone's mailing list and without paying a nickel of dues. For many, just living a normal life and pursuing one's own personal interests - without wearing clothes, and in the company only of family and perhaps a few friends - is amply satisfying.

There don't seem to be any surveys which give conclusive information about this, but it seems likely that there are many more people who often choose to be naked at home than there are who participate in social "naturist" activities such as visiting nudist clubs or clothing optional beaches. For people like this, going about normal daily activties at home without wearing clothes (usually or occasionally) is their only involvement with "naturism". Such people may live alone or with their families or others. These others (if any) may or may not share this preference for nakedness themselves, but it is surprising how easily, in most cases, everyone involved becomes accustomed to others' preferences about wearing (or not wearing) clothes.

What are people who enjoy being naked like - as people? Maybe the easiest way to get an idea is to visit the Web sites of some of them. Here's a sample of some others:

Peter Guither
Peter is a teacher of Theatre at Illinois State University and an accomplished photographer.

Disorganized social nudity

OK, what if you like being naked and being with other people - at the same time? You still don't necessarily have to seek out one of those elusive clubs/camps/resorts operated just for "nudists", or travel (perhaps) hundreds of miles to find an agreeable nude beach or skinnydipping location.

On the social side of things, it turns out that there are many other activities and interests that people pursue, and some of these tend to be anywhere from a little to very friendly towards nakedness. Again, some of these affinity groups have formal clubs and organizations, while others are very informal. If there are formal organizations, they may or may not officially tolerate or encourage nudity - but in all cases, it isn't an unknown to them.

Here are a few "special interest groups" and pursuits that seem to have more than their share of participants who like to be naked, together with some selected Web resources for each of them. You won't find much discussion of nudity at many of these sites, and officially they might not even care to be associated with the idea. Nevertheless...

Note: I don't personally, by a long shot, participate in many of the following pursuits. It would be an unusual person, I think, who would want to - and one with an extraordinary amount of time on his or her hands besides. The range is simply as wide as possible to increase the likelihood there is something here that you might be interested in. If there is and you want to let me know of other good resources, please send me some email.


Pagans, Wiccans

Pagans are probably, in general, some of the most nudity-postive folks you're likely to meet outside of organized nudist groups, since many pagans celebrate their rites "skyclad", i. e. naked.

Alt.Pagan FAQ
Alt.Religion.Wicca FAQ
All Wiccans are Pagans, but Pagans are a broader class, including many ancient spiritual traditions such as ancient Greek religion. In practice, most moderm Pagans feel an affinity with the Wiccan tradition. Many, but hardly all, Pagan/Wiccan groups believe in conducting their rites skyclad.
Pagan/Wiccan Electronic Resources
These pages are a large index of Pagan and Wiccan electronic resources. It is possible to search by keyword or category.
This is another site, based in the UK, containing information and links on Paganism in general and Wicca in particular.
Frequently Asked Questions for Pagan Digest Mailing List
The Pagan Digest Mailing List is another popular path of communication for pagans. Their FAQ is extensive.
Help for Pagans
This page belongs to the Pagan Discussion Circle of Grinnell College. It offers some thoughts that may be helpful to people interested in starting pagan groups at colleges and universities. The issue of nudity is discussed.
Daphne's Page
Various informational pages on Paganism, including ritual
There are many links to both paganism and naturism sites on this page.
Getting Started Pagan
"Dr. Leisure", a writer on naturism, learns about Paganism.
Wicca na hErin
This is the Web site of Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone, Irish Wiccans who have written many books on the subject. Their books frequently make note of the skyclad tradition in Wicca.

Key West Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest is a "costume celebration" held in late October (just before Halloween) in Key West, FL. Many costumes are painted on rather than worn. "Real" costumes are often on the brief side - it's pretty warm in Key West.

Fantasy Fest Page
This is one of the original Fantasy Fest pages, by Kim West.
Key West Fantasy Fest
This is a whole series of pages on the subject, by Ed Falk. It includes a page especially on body paint "costumes". There are also links to other Fantasy Fest sites.
Fantasy Fest
More pages, by Curt McClain. Many pictures and information on the event. Some more of Curt's Fantasy Fest pictures are here.
Steve Dimse's Fantasy Fest Pictures
Still more pictures, and perhaps the best collection of body painting examples.
Official Key West Fantasy Fest Website
Official page from the Key West Association for Tourist Development.
CyberConch's Key West Fantasy Fest 1996
Daily calendar of activities


Hippies weren't the first "bohemians" - they followed the "Beat Generation", who weren't the first either, of course. But they probably went further in the acceptance and practice of nudity. If you aren't between about 40 and 55 then the Hippies may be only a curiosity to you, and even if you are in that age range, the culture just may not be your "thing". Still, bohemians and people who simply like to be naked usually have many open minded attitudes in common.

Wild Bohemian Home Page
This really good site, a labor of love by Colin Pringle, deserves an award or two. It has all kinds of stuff about Hippies, Beatniks, the Rainbow Tribe, Deadheads, and much more. Not much about nudity per se, but a gateway.
Esalen Institute Home Page
There isn't anything here yet, but keep checking. This is where a lot of the bohemian culture of the last 35 years originated. Nudity is common in their pool and hot tubs. Besides that, the Big Sur environment (though sometimes a bit chilly) is the sort that makes even otherwise conventional people want to shed their clothes.
Esalen Institute
This is Colin Pringle's Esalen page. Good for the anecdotal material regarding his experiences there.
About Esalen
At least until the Esalen Home Page gets going, here's one place to find out more about the Institute.
Rainbow Family Home Page
This is an unofficial home page. The Rainbow family is the contemporary "home" of many who were hippies in the 60's and 70's. Rainbow gatherings are usually clothing optional. The Family, however, does not care to be known or defined based on that fact. The photo gallery at this site explicitly does not contain nudity, and the topic isn't discussed on this site.
Rainbow Around the World
There are links to many other Rainbow-friendly sites from here.
Harbin Hot Springs
Located near Calistoga, California, north of the Napa Valley and San Francisco, Harbin does not fit into any of the usual categories of "hot springs", "resort", "campground", or whatever. First established as a resort in the mid-1800's, it now has a few modern amenities - but only a few. It does have hot springs, but also 1160 acres of wooded grounds, hiking trails, a health food store and restaurant, and many types of therapeutic massage available. Best of all, most of the facilities are clothing optional. And, unlike most organized "nudist" resorts, there are no rules about who may visit. I've listed it here, because its main appeal is to the sort of person who might be attracted to other "bohemian" sites - but anyone "seeking" well-being and peace is welcomed.
Green Tortoise Adventure Travel
Bus tours, mostly in western North America. "By day we swim, cook breakfast, explore caves, climb mountains, raft down stream, stand under waterfalls, walk through the forest, cook dinner, build campfires, visit towns, meet people and generally take it easy." It is suggested that the GT may not be for you if you don't have any tolerance for nudity.
The Green Tortoise Traveler
Accounts, reflections, and journals written by people who have traveled on the GT. Many and diverse adventures are recalled, such as "Playing in the mud, in the buff, on the Rio Grande river in Big Bend National Park, Texas."
Old Hip's Groovy Hippie Links
Good references. Check his home page too.
Laura Lee's Hippie Haven
General hippie stuff and links.
Payne-O's Hippie Page
More general hippie stuff.
Woodstock Festival 1969
The original. This page is links to other hippie sites. Visit the home page too if you're into nostalgia.
Down to Earth Co-Op
An "alternative culture" group in Australia that puts on a yearly clothing-optional gathering known as ConFest (Conference/Festival).


Many people think that yoga exercises are best practiced in the nude - though there is much more to it than just the physical exercises ("hatha yoga"). Other practitioners do disagree about this.

Student Bodies
Michelle Neely, a reporter for a new ezine called UtmosT from the University of Texas, attended a yoga class sponsored by the campus student nudist group. Michelle had no prior experience with either yoga or naturism. Nevertheless, by the end of the class she seems to have grasped the concept very well: "Aside from being cost-effective, nudism seems to empower participants. There is a sense of affirmation that appears to come from taking off your clothes--a "Here I am, all of me, I'm fine with myself" type of attitude." She liked the people, too: "Friday night I spent two hours with one of the nicest groups of people I've encountered at this University."
Giri's Spirituality/Yoga Home Page
This is a good site with an extensive overview of the different types of Yoga. A fine place to get oriented.
Yoga Paths
This is another good overview site, with many links to other resources.
Brent Boyd's Yoga Page
Brent has been a yoga instructor and provides here a summary of the main yoga paths. He also reviews useful books on yoga.
Kundalini Resource Center
What is kundalini yoga? Good questions. The FAQ you can find at this extensive site comments that "From a psychological perspective kundalini can be thought of as a rich source of psychic or libidinous energy in our unconscious." Kundalini is concerned with "energy" sources and dynamics within the physical body. Given this perspective, kundalini practioners seem less reticent about nudity than is the case with other types of yoga - as some of the art you can find here illustrates.
Health Dynamics Videos
This company offers a video that demonstrates yoga postures in the nude.


Nudity has been part of dance performances and rituals as long as people have used dance as a means of expression or symbolic action. Leaving completely aside the commonplace connection of nudity and dance associated with erotic display (strippers), nudity has a very respectable place in modern dance. Performers like Isadora Duncan and Ann Halprin, as well as many modern dance companies, have used tasteful nudity in their work - sometimes to the consternation of local prudes, but more often to the appreciation of intelligent audiences almost everywhere. Dance is a form of communication which uses the body as the expressive medium. So the more nudity, the more expressive possibilities exist. Stated another way, the more there is covering the body, the more expression is potentially lost.

Dance Links
Dance Directory
Here are some pages of links to begin exploring the topic of dance in general.
Dancescape's Photo Gallery
A collection of dance images from the Internet. There are descriptions and notes concerning the various dancers and groups represented. At least one (a Japanese group) involves discreet nudity.
Modern Dance Choreographers
Capsule biographies of a number of modern dance choreographers, including Isadora Duncan and Ann Halprin.
News report: dance teacher arrested for appearing nude
Echoing Isadora Duncan, a high school teacher in Indiana (widely known for its prudery) "undid her Grecian robes at the end of her performance Saturday and faced the audience nude". For this she was charged with indecent exposure and lewd and lascivious behavior. One has to admire the dancer's spirit - but wonder how she managed to forget she was in Indiana
Michael Blackwood Productions
"Filmed at rehearsals and performances, these films allow the viewer a first-hand look at the process of creating music and dance compositions." One of the films concerns Butoh, "a theater of improvisation which places the personal experiences of the dancer on center stage" - and nudity often plays a part.
Ralph Rosenfield - Butoh
Announcement of a performance. Concerning Butoh itself, it is mentioned that "The original concept of the dance was to present shocking material that often included nudity or high sexual content."
Maureen Fleming
Another performance announcement, involving butoh and nudity.
Alexandra Paszkowska Buto Dance Photographs
German photographer's essay on Buto(h).
Kokoro Dance
"The dances created reflect their passionate involvement with the phenomenal world and prevailing confidence in the power of the human spirit."
Hamster Boy Gallery
A photo gallery by Alan Bratton of rather abstract images that portray several styles of modern dance.

Sailing and boating

Whether you like to sail your own boat, or just let someone else be the skipper, you've very probably felt the temptation to get out of clothes entirely once out on the open water. Many people, who would never otherwise consider it, yield to that temptation.

Nautical Naturist
This site is an umbrella organization for local "flotillas" - groups of naturist boaters. "This site is to promote recreational nude boating. All naturists interested in the freedom of enjoying the outdoors with the beauty of our seas, lakes and rivers are invited to form a local flotilla group." Flotillas currently exist in North/South Carolina, Cleveland, Miami, and Toronto.
Witt's End
Privately owned yacht based in Key West can be chartered. The skipper and his wife are TNS members and very naturist-friendly.
Cap'n John's Page
The skipper does clothing optional charter trips in the NY/NJ area. (No children under 12 or single men.)
Fantastic Voyages: Clothing-Optional Vacations
Fantastic Voyages specialises in naturist travel. They handle clothing-optional cruises and yacht charters.
Cruise Connections Clothing Optional Windjammer Cruise
Specially chartered trip on Windjammer's Yankee Clipper sailing September 28, 1997. Not a small boat, and unlike most Windjammer Cruises, clothing is optional most of the time on this cruise.
Out on the Salty Seas
This is a fine general site about sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Sail Away, It's Only Natural
Joe & Kim Reisinger offer chartered clothing-optional sailing trips in the Florida Keys on their 41-foot yacht.
Sunshine Sailing Club
Conducts sailing trips each weekend in the waters around Toronto.
Au Natural Sailing Trips
Personal recollections of nude sailing trips around Tahiti and the Aegean sea.
No Pockets Clothing Optional Yacht Charters
A business that arranges chartered clothing-optional yacht cruises. "We specialize in arranging clothing optional vacations on the world's finest private yachts."
The Pen Y Ddraig
This page is subtitled, "sailing the Greek Islands where clothes don't matter," because it's about a 65' schooner available to individuals, couples, or groups up to about 10 for clothing-optional sailing in the Greek islands. Alternate URL
True Love Nude Sailing Vacations
40-foot catamarans available for chartered sailing in Chesapeake Bay and the Florida Keys.
The Civilized Clothing Optional Yacht Cruise
The private yacht Matazz, based in Turkey and the Greek islands. It's operated by Mike and Rosie, who offer "the perfect vacation for those who like the clothing optional lifestyle". Has another page here.

And more...

I expect to include quite a bit more here, so please plan to come back again if you find this at all interesting. I haven't quite figured out the best way to express some of these ideas - but I'm working on it.

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