First Time Experiences with Nakedness

Everyone has had a first time - when they were born. Most people probably experienced nudity quite frequently as infants, too. Unfortunately, we remember very little from such early years, and by the time we have good memories, nudity becomes much less common.

Still, many children are fortunate enough to have been allowed to be naked around the home or even at the beach, even up to the age of 10 or so. Usually such experiences are spontaneous and not perceived, at the time, as anything unusual. A lot of us look back fondly on such times.

But the really memorable occasions, for people who like to be naked, are the first times, after the age of puberty, when they deliberately chose to enjoy non-sexual nudity in the company of others.

People who haven't tried it as adults expect that the first time must be quite difficult. If it is, it's usually only in the half excited and half nervous/jittery anticipation of it - the butterflies in the stomach stage. After the first few minutes, most agree that it could hardly seem more natural. That's the real reason people who like to be naked sometimes call themselves "naturists".

It's kind of a watershed experience. And, it's one of the favorite topics of conversation among people who like to be naked when they are getting to know each other.

Here are some stories about Learning to be Naked submitted by readers.

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