Naturist/Nudist Slogans & Taglines

Spread the word. Make a public statement about your approval and support of nudity!

Want to let everyone know in a (not so) subtle way you like nudity? Want to advertise your nudity-positive lifestyle? Want to start a conversation or find others of a similar inclination? Here are some slogans you can use

Just remember: building support for nudity in our society is primarily a matter of spreading the word that nudity is wholesome and fun. Everyone who agrees with that needs to do their part to tell it to the world. Nudity is normal, and everyone can enjoy it as much as you do, if they understand it's OK to try it.

The main thing that most people are waiting for before they'll try nudity is reassurance it is something that other sensible people already enjoy and approve of. This is your opportunity to give them that reassurance.

Copy this list freely as widely as you like. Or better yet, take some of these slogans and use them as suggested above. If you have a Web site, feel free to link to this page - and tell me about it. If you copy this list in other forms, appropriate credits for the source would be appreciated.

If you have other ideas, either for slogans or how to use them, just send them in. Winning entries will be added to this list.

Co-ed naked everything

Dare to go bare!

Bare butts are cool.

Bare is beautiful!

I'd rather be naked.

I'd rather be skinnydipping.

I give bare hugs.

Want to see me naked? Just ask!

Nudists have nothing to hide.

Become a nudist. See more of your friends.

You don't see nudists often - but you see more of them.

Surf naked!

Born to be naked!

Born naked

If God wanted us to be naked, we'd be born that way.

Nudist: been there, done that, don't want the T-shirt

"Nude" just means barefoot all over.

Nude is not rude.

Make a bold fashion statement - go naked.

Nudists prefer one-button suits.

My favorite suit has only one button.

A birthday suit is always in fashion.

Birthday suits never go out of style.

You can't outgrow your birthday suit.

Birthday suits always fit right.

Taking your clothes off is getting something for nothing.

Nudists just grin and bare it.

No shoes, no clothes: no problem.

Avoid tan lines: go naked.

If you can't stand the heat... get out of your clothes.

The only thing in the way of happiness is these damn clothes.

Clothing is optional

He who sleeps in the buff is in for a nude awakening.

Support the right to bare arms and everything else!

Nudists: all natural, no additives.

Nudists never have to worry about what to wear to the party.

Help uncover the truth. Go naked.

Going naked is the second most fun you can have with your clothes off.

Don't let them take away your right to bare butts!

Clothes need a day off too!

Give your clothes a day off!

Life is too short to wear clothes the whole time!

I run around naked and I vote!

Ask me about going naked

Don't be clothes-minded - take them off

No body needs clothes

Every body should be naked

Nude is normal

Like your body? Show it!

Who says there's anything wrong with skin?

Skinful isn't sinful

Turn life skin-side out - go naked

It's time to turn your life skin-side out

Get a whole nude attitude!

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