NNN: The Nakedness, Nudity, and Naturism List

NNN is a private mailing list for the discussion of the experience of non-sexual nudity - as a form of relaxation or recreation, as a social activity, or as a "lifestyle" - sometimes known as "naturism" or "nudism".

While there are other newsgroups, mailing lists, Web boards, and online forums which also host such discussions, the emphasis at NNN is on philosophically inclined conversations.

It's quite all right to discuss here your favorite nude activities, places to go, and practical problems of living and enjoying life without clothes. After all, when you get to know people on this list, you will (one hopes) come to value their opinions on such things.

But you can also deal with such topics in various other places. What we want to do especially well here is to get into the "deeper" sociological, psychological, and philosophical questions of why being naked is, or can be, a good thing.

If you're purely a practical person, it's possible you may find the discussions here a little "heavy" at times. But stick around anyhow! Maybe you'll be able to help us "lighten up" if we need to. Perhaps you'll have a favorite story or two about how living with your clothes off cheered you up at a difficult time, helped you relax when you needed it most, or just generally enhanced your life.

Frequently-asked questions

How do I join the list?
Simply visit the list home page at Yahoo and follow the instructions there.
Will my email address be used for any other purpose?
The list moderator promises not to use your address for any other purpose except matters involving the list. By joining the list, you agree that you will not make other use of addresses you find here either. We all have to trust that everyone here will abide by this rule.
How do I drop out of the list?
You will find a link to "Leave Group" on the list home page. Instructions for unsubscribing are also included at the end of each message distributed to the list.
Who may join this list?
Anyone with a genuine interest in the subject matter, as indicated above. You do not need to be a "naturist" at present, though it will help if you have at least a little experience with being nude around the house or outdoors, so you'll have some idea what the rest of us are talking about. And an open mind should be considered essential. Anyone whose interest in nudity is limited to exhibitionism, voyeurism, picture trading, finding sexual "action", etc. is encouraged not to join.
Do I have to use my full name?
No. You are free to use just a first name or a pseudonym if you wish. Please be consistent, though, so we can get to "know" you as an individual. Use of full names is encouraged as much as possible.
Are archives of past list discussions available?
Yes. Just go to the list home page.
Will copies of messages in this list be distributed outside the list?
Since it is possible for almost anyone to join a Yahoo discussion group, there is no way to guarantee that copies of messages will not be distributed elsewhere. However, it is very bad form to do so without the permission of the message's author.
How do I send a message to the list?
When you join the list, you will receive an address to which you can send all messages. Mail sent to that address automatically goes to everyone who is subscribed. The list isn't moderated, so no one's approval is required for messages. The headers are configured so that if you reply to a message, the reply goes to the list. (Provided that your mailing program handles the reply-to field properly. If you aren't careful about this, replies will go only to the sender of the message.) You will get a copy of anything you send to the list, so you can tell if it's working. If you prefer, you can create messages and replies at the list home page.
Are there rules about what messages are acceptable?
Although messages are not screened before being redistributed to the list, any gross violations of "etiquette" may subject the perpetrator to removal from the list. Such violations would include repeated verbal abuse of others on the list, threats, spamming of completely inappropriate material, etc. We hope that everyone will try to stay far away from such behavior and observe standards of common courtesy. Members may also be removed on account of other violations such as misuse of others' email addresses or failure to respect others' copyrights.
Can I send binary files to the list?
No. The list is text only. There should be no binary files, whether pictures or anything else. Some mailing software is configured to automatically include text or binary attachments. Please avoid this if at all possible when sending a message to the list. Also, please avoid sending messages containing HTML to the list. (You may have to configure your email program to not send HTML.)
Is it OK to change the subject of a "thread"?
Yes. If something that is said suggests a new idea to you on a related, or even completely different, subject, feel free to follow your train of thought. But please change the subject of the message if you depart significantly from the given topic. It's much easier for others to follow the discussion if the subject description is accurate.
Can I invite others to join the list?
Certainly, especially if it is someone you know and you believe he or she would enjoy the conversation and, perhaps, have something useful to contribute. An easy way to extend the invitation is simply to give out the URL of this page. Whoever you invite will have to request to be added to the list as explained above. Please ask the list moderator for permission to link to this page or give out the URL in a large public forum.

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